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"Modern Worship"

Modern Worship is my art project, which uses the visual icon of today's hot leaders. The work selected a unique personal charm of the hot leaders as the material for re-creation. 


This project was divided into two parts, visual collages and visual poster by the creation of the visual images of three leaders.

Be inspired by Western religious worship form and different artistic style, the new expressions of the leaders stand for the unforgettable visual symbol. When leaders become a visual symbol of the life, the purpose is trying to make something politics into the things that people would more welcome. Also, this project would appeal to freedom and open-mind, peace and anti-war.

Part 1:

  Triple Material Collage     1100 cm * 969 cm

- President Mao of China

- President Obama of USA

- President Kim of North Korea

Part 2:

"NICE TO MEET YOU" Poster Design

 Meeting the leaders in the new era.

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